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The eloquence of absence

From 'empty' art galleries, to white canvases, dematerialised art objects and other subtractions, erasures and omissions, the history of unseen art provides ample evidence of its revelatory capacities.

By a thread: string in contemporary art

From Marcel Duchamp's '16 miles' of cord to contemporary artists fusing threads with taxidermy, we examine string's surprisingly significant role as art's most flexible medium.

Indonesian contemporary art

We take a look at one of Asia's best-performing - and most scintillating - art markets.

Spotlight: Nicholas Hlobo

An overview of the work of the South African artist.

Form, material, perception and illusion: four emerging sculptors

Material and perceptual play in the work of up and coming artists Alice Channer, Sara Barker, Leonor Antunes and Tove Storch.

Contemporary painting and the digital influence

From the multi-chromatic brushstroke to logic-bending layering, we take a look at the subtle yet pervasive influence of digital technology on recent and current painting.

Swedish contemporary art

With cool Scandinavian art becoming very hot indeed, we take a look at the Swedish art scene.

Jacob Kassay's maximised minimalism

In one of the most complete assessments of Jacob Kassay's work to date, we uncover the extraordinary depths of discipline and nuance pervading the work of this highly acclaimed young artist.

Expanding The Factory: art, marketing and the corporate ideal

The Warholian Factory, branding and the corporation through the eyes of recent artists

Cutting edge: contemporary collage

An overview of contemporary collage from established and emerging artists and designers.

Hot! New art from Chile

Move over Mexico, Brazil and Argentina - artists from Chile are beginning to make their presence felt as exciting contenders on the South American art scene.

Disjoint realities: Ryan Trecartin and Leigh Ledare

How a concern with confessional formats and the complex theme of exposure unites the work of these otherwise very different artists.

New lines: contemporary drawing

An overview of current practice.

Building abstractions

Sculpture - painting - or something in between? A growing abstract tendency brings new form to the painted surface.

Talent at a glance

Our slideshow pick of new names with promise - and those whose work deserves wider recognition.

Contemporary art sales sizzling

Contemporary highs and lows: art trends.

Beautiful systems: the work of Nora Schultz

A survey of one of Germany's most exciting new talents.

Sculptural form in contemporary photography

From installation to the folded photograph and three-dimensional portraits, photography's new-found love affair with sculptural form literally takes it to new dimensions.

Don't count your chickens.... Petrit Halilaj

Profile of the young Kosovan artist already regarded as one of Berlin's finest.


Multi-functional art with a new sense of purpose.

Matthew Day Jackson

Soaring auction prices confirm the arrival of a new American art star.

The French Revelation

Gallic greats with a philosophical bent: why smart French art is making its mark.


What's hot and what's not in the contemporary art arena.

Identity in transformation: Italian contemporary art

Through the work of artists such as Roberto Cuoghi and Pietro Roccasalva, themes of transformation and identity have dominated recent Italian art. Now, its own identity is questioned as a group of neo-pop advocates attract ever-increasing attention.

The rise and rise of Romanian art

Romanian figurative painting and the Cluj School of Art.

New contemporary sculpture

Recent and emerging sculpture.

Towering ambitions, Brutalist truths

From daring utopian vision to disgrace and demolition; for artists, the rise and fall of the modernist tower block continues to exert a particular fascination.

High-rise through the eyes of Cyprien Gaillard, Pierre Huyghe, Rachel Whiteread, Catherine Yass, Heather Rowe, Nicolas Grospierre, Paulina Olowska and others....

Cut out for success

The rags to riches tale of a homeless Romanian artist and his secret, subversive collages.

Million dollar shoes

Collectors just can't get enough of Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos.

Renato Nicolodi

Architecture as metaphor in the striking work of young Belgian artist Renato Nicolodi.

Energy: painters with verve

Powerful new art from emerging painters.

Let's get serious

A new breed of art turns its back on the superficial to pose intellectual challenges.

Space invasion: Sara Ramo

Hotly tipped for stardom, we profile the work of this young Brazilian/Spanish artist.

The 94-year-old art phenomenon

A rediscovered Cuban-American artist is taking the art world by storm.

Joe Winter

Interview with the emerging New York artist whose sculptures reconstitute everyday technologies to poetic effect.

British art now

A new generation of UK artists are enthralling collectors and curators alike.

Back to the future: the modernist revival

Modernist movements are back in the spotlight, and Germany, once again, is at the forefront of the new avant-garde.

Optical allusions: the rebirth of Op Art

We take a look at some of Op's contemporary practitioners and ponder what's behind a new wave of perceptual art.

New abstract art

There's a renewal of interest in abstract art - and some great artists fuelling the enthusiasm. We look at some of the biggest names and hottest emerging talents from the UK, US and Germany.

Wunderkammer: A cabinet of contemporary art curiosities

From the marvellous to the magical; the illusionary to the ingenious. Roll up, roll up, and enter a world of contemporary art curios, conundrums and wonders.

Made in Heaven: the remarkable pulling power of Jeff Koons' plonker

Sex sells, as we've indirectly discovered here at modernedition. Add a dash of celebrity nudity, and pandemonium ensues....

Poles apart: Polish contemporary art

Miroslaw Balka, Pawel Athamer and Wilhelm Sasnal might be Poland's best known artists, but there's no shortage of other exciting talent.


Interactivity in contemporary art practice.

The art of branding

Whether in cahoots with commerce or at odds with consumerism, we take a look at leading artists' reactions to branding.

German art now

Contemporary German art and practice.

New art, New York

Hot artists from the Big Apple.

Cool and collective

Artists' collectives.

Going Dutch - new art from the Netherlands

With two of the most promising new artists hailing from Holland, it's time to check out a little of what the Dutch contemporary scene has to offer.

Stories of art: neo-narration.

Art as literature? A new emphasis on the act of narration turns to word, rather than image, for its inspiration

Top contemporary painters

Our pick of today's best painters.

Zeitgeist: the shape of art in recession

As economic woes kick in more savagely than ever, how will art respond? We anticipate a new look to themes and mediums, and reflect on the future for current art giants.

Art of darkness: Apocalypse, death and disaster

We recall and review artists who confront the dark side.

Arabesque: new Arabic art

A young generation of artists are collectively redefining the Middle East as one of the great new centres of contemporary art.

Alexandra Grant: a way with words

LA artist Alexandra Grant discusses the influences behind her striking text-based practice.

X-pression: sexuality in art

Sexual diversity meets artistic diversity: a serious overview of contemporary approaches to the expression of sex in art.

Portraits that aren't

Masks, disguises, slippage and subterfuge in the contemporary portrait.

Korea opportunities

Korean contemporary art is booming. We take a look at some of the artists behind the latest Asian art craze.

FREE! Artist's book download

Exclusively from Modern Edition - a free, full-length copy of Savage Messiah Zine by hot London artist Laura Oldfield Ford.

Medium rare

Art like you've (probably) never seen it before...

When worlds collide

Newcomer Ricky Allman is starting to attract serious interest with his depictions of a troubled zeitgeist. We ask him about his very topical vision.

Golden girl: the contemporary muse

How Kate Moss became the face of contemporary art.

Making the mundane marvellous

A contemporary trend that favours the low-key over the spectacular - but demands big things of the viewer.

The Germanic dynamic

German painting in the Leipzig years.

Drawing conclusions

Drawing, once a side-lined medium, is again adorning the walls of top galleries...

Damien Hirst: Beautiful Inside My Bank Account Forever

With a hugely successful Sotheby's sale under his belt, modernedition ponders the Hirst production line - and the implications of his neglect of commercial galleries.

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