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With ever-growing monthly traffic from visitors specifically interested in contemporary art, modernedition provides an economical and easy advertising solution for galleries, shows and other art events.

How to advertise

Read through the following options and select the type of advert you prefer:

  • 140 x 90 pixel rectangular banner, displayed in rotation on right-hand side throughout site (except limited edition pages). Price: £15 for 30 days

  • Click to select this option

  • 720 x 90 banner, displayed at the top of your choice of page(s) (can include limited edition pages). Price per page placement: £25 for 7 days

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  • 120 x 600 vertical scraper, displayed on the left of your choice of page(s) (can include limited edition pages). Price per page placement: £20 for 7 days

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The Paypal payment is subscription based - does that mean I will have to continue paying?

No. The subscription method means that you will receive an automatic reminder once the payment period is up, allowing you to continue with the ad if you wish. There's no obligation to do so.

Will my ad appear immediately?

We will place all ads online within 12 hours of receiving them - usually sooner - and contact you when your ad has been published.

Do you automatically accept ads, and must they be art-related?

We only accept art-related ads for small square banners; but will consider any ads for placement elsewhere on the site. We review all ads before publication, and have the right to refuse advertising that we feel may be fraudulent, misleading or defamatory, according to our terms and conditions. In the unlikely event that an ad is not accepted, a full refund will be made.

What if I want to remove my ad before the paid-for period is up?

You can request the removal of an ad at any time - however, we cannot make refunds for the remaining period.

I would like to advertise, but do not have a banner. Do you accept text links?

We prefer not to use text links, but can create banners for you at an extra fee depending on banner type.

Any further questions? Feel free to contact us


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Advertise here

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