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Mari Sunna

top contemporary painters: Mari Sunna
image © Mari Sunna


Finland: born 1972

A Finnish painter now resident in London, Sunna's highly individual works are generating growing international attention.

Sunna's stylistic approach ranges from relentlessly pared-down minimalism to more elaborately worked imagery, yet always tends towards visual understatement.

Despite this pictorial economy, Sunna manages to evoke complex depths of anxiety and feeling that belie the apparent simplicity of her work.


Mari Sunna, new contemporary painting
image © Mari Sunna

Probir Gupta

great contemporary painters: Probir Gupta
image © Probir Gupta (detail)


India: born 1960

Gupta's career spans several decades and various evolutions in style, but it is his more recent painting that has attracted growing international acclaim.

Gupta has long been involved in human rights and community issues, a commitment which he carries into his artistic practice both in terms of theme and execution.

Responding to issues such as war, repression and resistance, his works resound with a visceral energy and political urgency that has increasingly been lost to the more ironic artistic stance of recent years.

Probir Gupta: new contemporary painting
image © Probir Gupta

Mamma Andersson

Best contemporary painting: Mamma Andersson


Sweden: born 1962

Karin Mamma Andersson is one of Sweden's best-known contemporary artists, a painter whose international profile has also soared in recent years.

Andersson's unassuming, intimate works depict various worlds, from the magical, melancholy landscapes of rural Sweden to interiors from which inhabitants have momentarily disappeared.

Despite discrepancy between her chosen subjects, all are united by the artist's colourist skills and ability to evoke intense atmosphere via subtly implied narratives which simultaneously involve, yet distance the viewer.


Mamma Andersson, contemporary painters
images © Mamma Andersson

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