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Gianna Commito

current abstract art: Gianna Commito

Although less well known than the majority of our featured artists, Gianna Commito's work is beginning to make regular appearances in group shows throughout the US.

Commito's painting is modest both in scale and intent, her subject matter the expression of a long-term interest in "architectural constructions and the way they nestle into their surroundings".

Working in watercolour and casein, Commito's preferred mediums reflect her concern with radiant, light-filled colour and its dynamic interrelation.

Recent works exploit such visual vibrancy with their strong axes of stripe and plane, a compositional strategy which - in keeping with Commito's interest in architectural space - was initially suggested by the interior of a striped marquee, but is also reminiscent of early abstraction and the modernist tendencies pursued by many newer European artists.

Gianna Commito: American abstraction
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