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Carsten Höller

Höller is also fascinated by funfairs and amusement parks, a theme that occurs frequently in his work.

Mirror Carousel, (2005) takes the form of the traditional fairground ride - functioning but transformed by mirrored surfaces and white flashing lights.

The experience of riding the carousel is therefore intensified and disorientating, with participants clearly able to glimpse themselves partaking of the experience as they spin.

On one level a playful intervention, the work also reprises Hoeller's scientific interest in stimuli, reaction and transformation. The thrilling sensations of fairground rides are, after all, the result of complex chemical and physical changes in the body, and Hoeller has often stated that, for him, the amusement park is "underrated" in terms of its ability to inspire excitement and pleasure - sensations which link the funfair to several of our requirements for art itself.


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